Saturday, 8 September 2012

The story of a murderer

Yesterday was amazing. Harlow did my hair and make up again. We went for a bit of a different style. Inspired by 1960's Brigitte Bardot and also Rachel Hurd-Wood in the 2006 film adaptation of Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.
Brigitte Bardot 
Rachel Hurd-Wood in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
Rachel Hurd-Wood looks absolutely stunning with this red/orange hair, so much so that it inspired practically the whole photo shoot.
Dress: Lipsy
Headband: Equip

Obligatory Butterscotch picture, this is my beautiful baby who my blog title was inspired by, he's part Maine Coon, part Norwegian Forest Cat, he's perfect.

I don't know how many of you have read this book, but as with most Penguin books, it is a timeless classic. Very peculiar story line, but in a good way. I'd recommend it. 

But anyway, I had just finished doing one of the more challenging exams I have had to do this semester for Medical Physiology, so I was in the mood for celebrating. I ended up going out and watching the 1953 Marilyn Monroe classic How to Marry a Millionaire with a close friend of mine and then went out for a night on the town. It was a really nice day all round! I'll hopefully have some more lovely pictures by Harlow before the week is over to share with all of you cuties :)

but that's all for now~ <3 comment and follow beautifuls 


  1. i love your red hair and your cute little dress. and i must say that is one of my favourite books and movies ever! love it.

    Stop Whispering

  2. Thank you for such a lovely comment, from one who is beautiful herself...

  3. Beautiful! As is your cat:)
    And that book has been on my to-read list for ages. Thanks for the reminder! I might actually speed it up now;)

  4. That hair color looks so great on you! =)

  5. watching a Marilyn Monroe movie is the perfect was to celebrate :) and i LOVE your red hair- i could never ever get mine that vibrant

  6. Beautiful post and wonderful photography!You cat is a Huge sweet pumpkin!

  7. Awww, I adore the fact that you and your splendidly cute kitty have similarly hued hair. You two are just as sweet and beautiful as can possibly be. (My girl, Stella, who's curled up on my lap as I type this, and I are sending tons of hugs out to you from up here in Canada.)

    Thank you so much by your wonderfully nice comment (compliment!) on my vintage dirndl outfit today, honey, I sincerely appreciate it. I love your burgeoning blog, am following it, and eagerly look forward to future posts.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. No wonder your cat inspired your blog! What a cutie- I love him!

  9. You look so lovely, all these photo's are just perfect.
    And your cat is the sweetest I've ever seen hihi!

    I just found your blog, and I think it is so adorable,
    I'm a new follower for sure!

  10. I like that your posts are inspired by movies and things. Once again you look great!

  11. You're adorable, and your friend did such an amazing job with the styling! Perfume is such a strange story, but I LOVE the themed shoot! My little sister has hair just like yours. So so beautiful. Loves from your newest follower from Texas xo

  12. Perfume is honestly my favorite book in the world! (and that's saying something because I work in a bookshop)
    Great photos! Jesse has the blue and white dress in your most recent post.

  13. You are so beautiful, you look like a mermaid! Sorry if it sounds cliché associating long red hair to Ariel but oh, well... I've just found your blog and I love it, all your great inspirations, your porcelain skin... Just followed^^