Sunday, 11 November 2012

Filler post, and my sincerest apologies!

Hi my sugarplums :)

I sincerely apologise for my absenteeism from blogger! You wouldn't quite believe it but I managed to fracture my fibula a few weeks ago and have been living my life on crutches and in a moon boot! (an air cast in normal people's terms- not flattering at all)
So I had a lot of ideas for blog posts that I wanted to do, but obviously have not been able to, so expect a lot of posts in the coming few weeks. Albeit, due to the guilt about my slacker behaviour with my blog, there will be a post without or with the boot by the end of the week! (: I think I am getting my boot off on Tuesday, so I will have to show off my recent purchases and newly dyed red hair! (it's a bit darker now). My favourite purchase has been my seifuku (Japanese school uniform) I can't quite explain my affinity with these, but they are just so damn cute! I will post some poor quality pictures of it in this post. Also, my new onesie/kigurumi!

Here are just some filler photos (I know- I hate filler photos too, but I promise there will be some good quality photos soon!)
My inspiration for red hair! Mine is quite a bit more red and her's auburn, but it will wash out to about this colour :)

New dyed red hair (poor quality iPhone photo, I'm sorry!)

My seifuku that I got from Milanoo! I love it so much, expect a proper post about this soon 

My  beautiful kigurumi! It's a blue otter :)

That's all for now guys :) I promise promise promise there will be a new, proper post soon! I love you all xx